Communications Team for 2020

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5 December, 2019

Communications Team for 2020

Get involved!

We’re moving to a monthly newssheet in the New Year with the view to a team taking on various avenues of communication in 2020.

This part of our church life is a space for fresh input, and an opportunity for a group of folk with complementary skills to use their creativity to serve in vibrant new ways among us!

Do you—or someone you know– have one or more of these skills: 

  • a way with words
  • managing websites and using CMS
  • enjoy graphic design
  • engaging with social media
  • enjoy connecting with a variety of people
  • want to learn some or any of the above?

We’re looking at training and equipping people to take on these roles, so if you’re a keen learner but lacking in experience this is a great opportunity to add some new tools to your belt (and your resume!).

Please chat to Simon, David or Nicole. We’re excited about where this is heading and look forward to hearing from you!

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