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27 March, 2020

Do you have a spare laptop or device hanging around that you are not currently using?

We are looking to create a pool of laptops that can be borrowed for the next few months by those in our church family who are not currently able to access some of the online material and/or zoom meetings due to technological restrictions.

If you lend your laptop, Rob Ziersch will create a new user and set everything up for online zoom meetings. Your existing data will remain untouched and inaccessible. The laptop will then be lent out to someone who is currently unable to connect online. When this whole crisis is over the laptop will be returned to you. (Please understand that whilst we will take every care of your device, we are unfortunately unable to take any responsibility for any loss or damage).

Unused laptops or devices can be dropped off at Rob & Marie's home (10 Malbec St, Craigburn Farm) after first ringing Rob on 0422 544 627.

Conversely, if you would like to borrow a laptop, please call Rob to see if there is one available.

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