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The gift of forgiveness

13 October, 2019 Marianne Topham

Freedom from our past and from the hurt caused by others, it necessary for us to truly enjoy the gift of forgiveness for ourselves.

Marianne Topham shares with us her personal journey of forgiveness and how it set her free in ways she never expected.


A transforming encounter

6 October, 2019 Wes Chambers

Paul is keen to establish his credentials as an apostle and he describes his conversion in clear terms. As a hater of Christians and the Christian gospel, he encounters Christ, the one whose people he is chasing and persecuting, and this effects an amazing transformation. He is transformed from being a deeply religious person to someone who devotes his life to the spread of the gospel to all parts of the known world. This transformation is not unique to Paul, but is basis for true life and freedom for all humanity.


One road to freedom part 1

29 September, 2019 Tim Patrick

Paul’s letter to the churches in the region of Galatia (in modern day Turkey) opens with a grave concern that the believers are abandoning the true gospel to instead adopt a counterfeit. His language is strong and stark, showing us how serious an error this would be. Although we are thousands of miles away and live thousands of years later, the risk is real for us too. We must be sure that we embrace and hold the genuine message of Jesus in the face of so many alternatives that sound plausible.


2020 Vision

22 September, 2019 Simon Dent

Today we launch the vision of our church going into 2020 and beyond.

Far from just being a place of retreat, the grace of God gives the church power to truly make an eternal difference in the world. We pray that we may be a willing active part of this. We are a future oriented people looking towards the life that is to come when Jesus returns. Like God, we know this life is too good to keep to ourselves. Jesus is with us by his Spirit not only to secure us but to send us out as his community with transforming good news of the gospel.

You will have opportunity over the next few weeks to indicate how you might give of your time, talents and finances to this mission that belongs to Jesus. The best is yet to come.

Note: The intro video to Building a Discipling Culture that was shown during Simon's message can be viewed here.


Running the race that is before us

15 September, 2019 Peter Riggs

Pete doesn't talk about guinea pigs, but about sporting grand finals and the race that God has already run for us.


Taking hold of the life that is truly life

15 September, 2019 Cat Patrick

Our society puts enormous pressure on us to have more and more possessions, consuming them in order to find contentment and security. Jesus - through Paul - invites us to beware the lure of worldly wealth and to take seriously his promise that we can have treasure in heaven, finding contentment and richness in lives of love and generosity.


Sent to the world

8 September, 2019 Simon Dent

Can these bones live? They were the words God asked Ezekiel the prophet when He looked on the corrupt state of Israel. Some may be asking the same of the church today. Yet God told Ezekiel to speak his Word over the dry bones and they miraculously came to life. Even today God is bringing new life to people through the words about Jesus risen from the dead. It is because of such a hope for the world that Jesus sends the church out to preach good news. There is much rejoicing to come.


The Gift of Creativity

1 September, 2019 Claire Bell

On this Father’s Day you may be one of the fortunate who receive a hand-made card or gift from your child. Kids bring joy to us with their unself-conscious creativity and their earnest desire to give tokens of love.

When did the rest of us stop doing this? And why?

Could it be that in this area, too, we can learn from the children and experience God’s Kingdom in fresh ways?


Home of the least, the lost and the little

25 August, 2019 Simon Dent

Its is a joy for us to baptise Joshua Trainor this morning.

It’s not the first time people have brought children to Jesus asking them him to bless them. Indeed Jesus illustrates that is how we all must come to him. Not with our power, our goodness, or our credentials.

The kingdom of God belongs to the least, the lost and the little.

It’s for those who have nothing to give to it.

It’s what Jesus gives that matters.