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The Son of God speaks

5 May, 2019 Simon Dent

The Bible shows us that God has a plan of salvation for the whole world and that believers who know Him have a key part to play in the outworking of that plan. This is an amazing grace and mystery. The book of Revelation reminds us that while we live in this world we do not live independently from the God who loves us, who speaks to us and commands how we live. Perhaps the most important question we can ask ourselves today is “what is the Spirit saying to the church?”

Revelation gives us an insight into that very question.


Jesus revealed

28 April, 2019 Simon Dent

Today we begin a new series on the book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation is a book of hope to a church suffering under the persecution of Rome. The exclusive worship of Jesus as the risen and reigning Lord was the ultimate threat to Rome’s authority. It is a timely book of great encouragement to us as well. Revelation reveals Jesus in the hidden realities of our life. In Revelation we discover we are not alone, that God reigns and deals with evil and we can and must remain faithful and hopeful in Jesus.

Come with us as we unveil the presence of Jesus, alive and reigning in our day.


The seriously surprising story

21 April, 2019 Simon Dent

Jesus is alive! We celebrate today the greatest day in history – the day death was defeated and new life in Jesus became a reality for us all.

For the two travellers on the Road to Emmaus, this was a confusing time as they tried to make sense of what had just happened. It wasn’t until they were joined by another man who helped them to see how the whole Seriously Surprising Story fitted together that they at last understood… we’ll be unpacking this today in our All Age Service as we discover afresh how Jesus still journeys with us, bringing the glorious revelation of his resurrection to bear on our own confused thinking and head-scratching…


Good Friday According to Mark

19 April, 2019 Tim Patrick


What kind of king do we need?

14 April, 2019 Simon Dent

When Scott Morrison called the election for May 18 on Thursday we all once again became king makers. So many are now asking “What kind of King do we need?”. Maybe a better question might be “What kind of King do we already have?”.

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey it was his coronation parade. In that journey he declared that He alone is the King we need, even if he is not the king we want. A king who will lay down his life for our salvation, a king who will serve his Father in heaven before he will serve us or himself, a King who will continue to rule because he has been appointed to that role by the very one who created us. When we know we already have a king maybe we may be a little kinder and wiser regarding the earthly kings He gives us.


The Happiness Lie

7 April, 2019 Steph Tai

Steph talks about the myth posed to us that life is about striving to find happiness. But what if there is more to life than this, and where does suffering fit into this?


The unrelenting mercy of God

7 April, 2019 Simon Dent

Today we celebrate with young people of our congregation the confirmation of their baptisms. As people who we baptised as infants, they have knowingly received their faith in Jesus and today publicly own all that was promised to them in that gracious act of infant baptism. Indeed all our live are acts of the grace of God. As Paul says in Acts 17 “By him we live and move and have our being”. God is endless in his mercy and love towards us. We who were once ‘children of wrath’ have now seen God as God is and have been known, loved and saved without condition. Knowing this life-changing revelation makes everything new; our relationships, our purpose, everything.


Body Matters: To be or not to be? Abortion and other vital questions

31 March, 2019 Graham Buxton

Today’s open-minded and reformist social agenda is, in large part, based on the idea that our identity is not grounded in our biological make-up – it’s defined by our feelings and desires, our freely choosing self. Increasingly, instead of seeing ourselves as being a body we are encouraged to see ourselves as having a body. In this morning’s ‘Thinking the Faith’ we will be focusing on the implications of these progressive ideas in the context of abortion and the reform bill currently being presented in parliament. We will affirm that body matters: it matters to God … and it should matter to us. We will also affirm that the body has meaning – it is, in fact, more than matter!


God’s ways and our ways

24 March, 2019 Simon Dent

When we are in the mire of confusion and struggle it is good to rest in the knowledge that the God who loves us has His ways.

As Isaiah the prophet discovered, the ways and thoughts of God are higher than ours, even if they are a bit of a mystery sometimes. They never fail to achieve the purpose that God has for them. This is both liberating and challenging. God does not think the way we think God should think or act in the way we think God should act. The ultimate example of this is the self-emptying love of God for us on the cross for our salvation. God is in control. Will we let him be?