Church Life

Prayer is a gift from God, allowing us to relate with him - put simply, prayer is conversation with God and is an essential part of any Christian’s life. We can pray as individuals, in families or corporately and it’s a key part of our journey into deeper relationship with God and with others.

As a local church community, we would love to encourage you in your prayer life. It isn’t always easy to set aside the time, but here are some opportunities to get involved.

Specific requests for prayer are responded to confidentially by our staff team.

Prayer requests can be submitted by:

  • Filling out a Prayer Card at the Welcome Desk (in the foyer) and then left in ‘The Box’ – alternately they can be handed in to a leader or placed in the offering bags during the service.
  • Email which is automatically sent to the pastoral care team.

We also encourage prayer needs to be addressed within Life Groups - see more information about Life Groups at Coro.

Other options for urgent prayer requests are also being explored. Stay tuned!

Every Sunday, a group gathers in the Chapel from 9:00am to pray before the service. After the service there is the opportunity to pray with others for particular needs.

Each Monday evening we gather in the Ministry Centre from 7.30pm to spend time praying together.

See our web/app event for more information.

Each Wednesday morning a small group of people meet to pray for our church, our local community, our nation and our world.

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Serving Together

If you’re just in the spot where God wants you, and doing what God has gifted you to do, it’s a good place to be.

We call it your spiritual gifting, or finding your ministry. Usually you’ll find it invigorating. Often it’s fun, certainly fulfilling, and definitely a blessing to others.

God made us for fruitfulness, and that’s that. The car park attendant who greets you cheerfully has found it. The member of a midweek small group who has joined others serving in the soup kitchen has made just the same discovery. You can expect a church in which we seek to be inspired by the Spirit to be bubbling up all the time with people doing things that somehow add up to a healthy functioning body that’s a great place to be, but is always pushing out beyond itself.

Each year we invite our members to consider in which areas they are gifted and able to serve. Rather than seeing this as a list of jobs waiting for people to do them, instead ask God “In what area of ministry and service do you want me to be fruitful?” We suggest that each person should discuss this with someone who knows you well, to seek their discernment as to your gifts for ministry. This may lead you to some exciting new adventure with God, and you’ll see why he’s put you in this church.

The latest ‘Together we can make a difference’ (known as 'TWCMAD', pronounced 'twookmad') response forms are linked with a separate children's form also available. Thank you for your willingness to serve in this way.

For some areas of ministry you may be asked to complete a Police Check, and a fillable PDF is linked for this purpose.

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