Project Kola


Project Kola is a water and sanitation project in Egypt, providing in-house toilets and piped water to villagers who are amongst the poorest of the poor. Development agency Think and Do select and follow up Christian families – in the Middle East, Christians help Christians – who receive this aid in order to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable families. The implications of these ‘home improvements’ are far-reaching.

Water in these villages is collected by hand each day by the girls of the family. It requires a long walk, which leaves the girls vulnerable. By providing water, families are kept safe and time is available for other activities. Having a private latrine provides an unimagined dignity, as well as improving public hygiene. The recipients are exceedingly grateful for this.

The gift of dignity typically boosts their faith, or even births a relationship with their Saviour, which is followed up by the local church.

Project Kola is supported by donors all over the world; in Australia, people associated with CoroUniting are the primary donors.

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Cross-Cultural Ministry

CoroUniting commissions individuals and families who are called to share the good news of Jesus in words and actions by living and working in other cultural contexts.

Many exciting ministries are also happening through others beyond Australia’s shores, and we love to build relationships with some of these. Two we have ongoing connection with are the [Saiyarak]( group and [Project Kola](

Mission Care

Mission Care (formerly Mission Focus Group) is primarily focused on the pastoral care of our Cross-Cultural Workers, especially those who are geographically separate from us. It is our deepest desire that these brothers and sisters not be forgotten or disregarded when we act as a church community. The pastoral care we offer is to hear the stories of those interested in becoming involved in mission activities that require them to cross cultural boundaries, and to journey with them as they enter the field, do the work, and return.

We currently have three partnerships with CoroUniting members working cross-culturally - see the below tabs for details.

Each of these Cross-Cultural Workers keep in touch with their supporters via newsletters, blogs, facebook groups and videos - for privacy reasons, these are restricted to those who call CoroUniting home and can be viewed in the [Resources section]( (search for 'cross-cultural').