Project Kola


Project Kola is a water and sanitation project in Egypt, providing in-house toilets and piped water to villagers who are amongst the poorest of the poor. Development agency Think and Do select and follow up Christian families – in the Middle East, Christians help Christians – who receive this aid in order to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable families. The implications of these ‘home improvements’ are far-reaching.

Water in these villages is collected by hand each day by the girls of the family. It requires a long walk, which leaves the girls vulnerable. By providing water, families are kept safe and time is available for other activities. Having a private latrine provides an unimagined dignity, as well as improving public hygiene. The recipients are exceedingly grateful for this.

The gift of dignity typically boosts their faith, or even births a relationship with their Saviour, which is followed up by the local church.

Project Kola is supported by donors all over the world; in Australia, people associated with CoroUniting are the primary donors.

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