Saiyarak weddings

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14 March, 2019

Rejoice with Saiyarak (a HIV/AIDS support group in Nan Province, Thailand whom Coro partners with).

One of the girls, Preem (known to us as Pim, daughter of Ampai) married a young man named Mos on 6 March. And Milky, the daughter of Sanan and Jaruwan Wutti (who spent six months at Coro in 2007) was married on Saturday.

Sanan & Jaruwan spent time at Coro in the early 2000's and lead the CAM -Church Christ in Thailand AIDS Ministry- in Chiang Mai and oversee the Saiyarak Group.

Email Shirley James if you'd like to see more photos!

What joy for the young ones and their families! A BIG thank you to all who continue to support these families through prayer and finances. To see these young adults living out opportunities for work and study is a great JOY!

The mothers of these young adults are feeling the effects of living with HIV and health issues are many, but they battle on with grateful hearts that their young ones have reached adulthood with opportunities to thrive in the face of their suffering.

Let us continue to support them in prayer and financially as a church community, giving thanks to God for our precious brothers and sisters in Pua.

If you'd like to join in supporting the Saiyarak program, see more information here.

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