15 December, 2020

2021 Bible Reading Plan

Over the last two years a number of us have been reading the Bible together as a part of our desire to be a people focused on Jesus. This was a part of a three year Bible Reading Plan and 2021 will be year 3. It has been really helpful and fun for those of us who followed this over the last 2 years. We encourage everyone, even if you missed out last year, to join with us this year and be encouraged as we encounter God through the Bible readings each week.

We've got a few options on how you can join us below. Developing a Bible reading habit can be challenging so let’s do it together. By doing so, not only will you read the Bible (either by yourself or in groups) but you have the opportunity to share with others the insights you are gaining from the readings and be encouraged to keep going.

We are following Tim Chester’s 3-year Bible Reading Plan which will take us through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice (see the back of this flyer). It’s in weekly chunks so there is no pressure if you happen to miss a day. It’s flexible and manageable.

There are a range of ways you could join us:

- Read the set readings on your own and prayerfully journal your thoughts.

- Read the readings, journal your thoughts and have a weekly catch up with two others (a reflection triplet) in person over a cuppa or over the phone or skype. Sign up by [emailing the Church Office](mailto:office@corouniting.org).

- Join a WhatsApp group by texting Cat Patrick on 0425 752 140 and share your thoughts with a group of us.

- Get your Life Group involved and use the readings as the basis of your sharing each week.

- Join Simon 9am Saturdays from February 1 in the chapel for shared reading.

Previous years:

- [2019 Bible Reading Plan (Year 1)](https://www.corouniting.org/d/Vm343PMQD1PLMqK8UmYevvCjN)

- [2020 Bible Reading Plan (Year 2)](https://www.corouniting.org/d/e5DEKf2r7ezT9IdZ4tVoOB8Zn)

17 April, 2020

Life Group Leaders Training Resources

This page seeks to resource our Life Group Leaders and contains the handouts and further information from our Training Sessions. These are listed below:

- Nov 2019 - [The Purpose of Life Groups and How to Lead a Bible study](https://www.corouniting.org/d/H4spiDXGwKHnaX7krPYNNi8jh) (with [Uncover bookmark](https://www.corouniting.org/d/kwRTI0Z2sZ95uykmfKJpBCqnP) and [One-to-one Bible Reading (COMA) resource](https://www.corouniting.org/d/Vy3by05PCUWLj2FzORUSsYJCg))

- Mar 2020 - [Encouraging individuals to grow through Life Groups](https://www.corouniting.org/d/b2fTrkBm9UfpSOQ3Q9hbXnCPz)

- Mar 2020 - [Zoom for Life Groups](https://www.corouniting.org/d/0Ov7Pm2hNgAvtmcWdlnxMwrnU)

- Apr 2020 - [Pastoral Care for Life Groups, anytime and during COVID-19 restrictions](https://www.corouniting.org/d/GY68H0RdAoZIsj1MUlZaBY9s7)

- May 2020 - [Engaging with Scripture online](https://www.corouniting.org/d/PvyRKkH0tRcyKH3P83aSleJhH)

We will be updating this page as further training is provided which will at this stage take place in person, covering the following topics:

- Encouraging our Groups in Evangelism and Mission Support (see Sam Chan's video - [Evangelism in the COVID-19 Crisis](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EAsk5UJADI))

- Encouraging our Groups in Seeking Justice

Contact [Cat Patrick](mailto:catrionapatrick@gmail.com) for more information.

Also linked are the [Life Group Bible Studies on 1 Corinthians 1-4](https://www.corouniting.org/d/MzoltSMWWzrOqAHMXLtjzGT5N) (series: Fool's Gold - Jul/Aug 2020) prepared by Graham Buxton.

Update (June 2020) - In this period of change brought about by COVID-19, many of our Life Groups are meeting online. Refer to the linked [Zoom for Life Groups](https://www.corouniting.org/d/0Ov7Pm2hNgAvtmcWdlnxMwrnU) resource for further information. Zoom has also created a ['How to Zoom' YouTube playlist](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKpRxBfeD1kEM_I1lId3N_Xl77fKDzSXe) and Margaret Strickland's husband, Alan, has also put together a comprehensive document [Using Zoom for Online Meetings](https://www.corouniting.org/d/yQmApgkLL7vyUfstIoKBWfSYB) that may be of additional help.