The Marriage Course Online - Getting Started

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17 August, 2020

This Resource Page is designed to get you set up and ready to go for our Online Marriage Course. All participants to the current course will be emailed the relevant links to the zoom sessions as well as the information needed to watch the online videos.

If you're not sure what The Marriage Course is, check the links or see our web page for more details. You can register for our current course here.

Please read through each of the tabs below to ensure you are fully prepared for the online course:

  • Session Format
  • Preparing for each evening
  • Can't make a session?
  • Zoom 101

The format of each evening

  • 7.45 - 8.00pm Zoom intro session with David & Kate
  • 8.00 - 9.40pm The Marriage Course session (link provided to watch online)
  • 9.40 - 10.00pm (optional) Zoom catch-up after the session

As we finish each week's intro (around 8pm) we will give you all a link to watch each Marriage Course session (this will be accessible for 3 hours). You watch this by clicking the link (or pasting it into a browser and then clicking play).

The video will play through for around 1 hr 40 mins. This includes the input as well as several breaks for the conversations that you will find in your Guest Journal (the timed breaks include music and a countdown before the next section of input). Even if you feel you would like more time to talk during these conversations, we encourage you wherever possible to keep to the timings provided and continue the discussion later instead.

If you would like to connect with us privately at any time during the session, click the 'Request Prayer' button (we are unable to change the button wording) to open up a private chat session with us. You can also use the public chat functionality.

We will keep the zoom session open until we can see that everyone is able to access the video. We won't re-connect as a group at the end, however Kate & I will remain available until 10pm for anyone who would like to touch base once the session has finished. Just send us a private message and we'll open up a zoom call with the same ID as the intro session.

We'll be in touch with everyone via email the next day and provide the direct link to the session video in case you'd like to recap over the next week.

Preparing for each evening

When we run The Marriage Course in person we make a real effort to make it special with romantic tables for two, chocolates, candles, mood lighting, decadent desserts and nibbles/cheeses. We obviously can't do this for you in your home, however we would strongly encourage you to make an effort to create a special atmosphere by:

  • Ensuring younger kids are in bed before the session starts and having any older kids set up with activities until they go to bed
  • Putting your phone on silent or even better, putting it away
  • Ensuring you are ready to watch the intro on zoom and then the main session on a web browser (maybe cast to your TV for easier viewing)
  • Having some nice nibbles/drinks set and ready to go before the session starts

What if we can't make a session?

We understand that despite your best intentions, sometimes you may be unable to make a session. If this is the case we suggest that if it is possible for at least one of you to join the initial zoom (15 mins max) you do this to connect and touch base. Regardless, we will ensure that you get the link and password for the video so that you are able to catch up prior to the next week's session.

Zoom 101

You may already be familiar with zoom. If not we would suggest you download zoom and familiarise yourself with the basic functionality prior to the course. The below links may be helpful:

Some other important zoom info:

  • A free (basic) zoom account is all that is needed. You will not need a paid account.
  • When you join the zoom meeting (via a link we will email you) you will enter a 'waiting room' until you are admitted to the session by the course leaders
  • Please rename your video (if needed) to your first names (right-click your own camera display and select 'Rename')
  • Choose either the 'Gallery View' or 'Speaker View' - whichever you prefer
  • You will join the course with audio enabled. You can choose whether or not to use your video. We would encourage you do so for the first part until you are successfully watching the online video at which point you can end the zoom meeting.

More From 'Resources'

Thy Kingdom Come

What is Thy Kingdom Come?

[Thy Kingdom Come]( is a global prayer initiative held annually between Ascension and Pentecost with the aim of encouraging the church to pray together and specifically for each person to [pray for 5 people]( to come to faith in Jesus. Watch the [2020 wrap-up video]( to find out more.

"Thy Kingdom Come is a worldwide prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost. Since its launch by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016, Christians from 172 countries and 65 denominations have taken part in praying for friends and family to come to faith in Jesus Christ. These days have always been full of expectation and anticipation. As the Lord Jesus ascended, He promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable the disciples to be witnesses. As they waited for the promise to be fulfilled they devoted themselves constantly to prayer (Acts 1:14). So, the renewed call across the church is to set these days apart to pray, and each individual to pray for 5 people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ." (Source: [Thy Kingdom Come](

11 Days of Prayer

Each day of the initiative focuses on one word or phrase. These are:

Jesus - Praise - Thanks - Sorry - Offer - Pray for - Help - Adore - Celebrate - Silence - Pentecost

You can download the main videos, youth videos and children's videos for each day [here](


Here are some resources to help you and your family get on board with this great initiative, including:

- [Prayer Journal 2021]( - a brief devotion, prayer and then some reflection space for each of the 11 days

- TKC App - available for both [Android]( and [iOS](

- [Strandz NZ TKC Resources]( - a great page from our friends across the ditch, including resources for family, children, youth and church prayers

- [Cheeky Pandas]( - a fun-filled 11-part series for kids with a variety of free resources that seek to get children excited about Jesus, the Bible and prayer, and ultimately, help each child build a beautiful life-long relationship with Him… with some panda fun along the way!

- Family Prayer Adventure Map for 2019 ([front](, [back](, [stickers](, 2020 ([map](, [video guide]( for the accompanying TKC app ([Android](, [iOS](, 2021 (coming shortly)

- Bright Prayer Ideas for [Families at Home]( and for [Your Church](

For more resources on prayer, head to our [Prayer Resources]( page in our [Faith @ Home Resources]( section.


2021 Bible Reading Plan

Over the last two years a number of us have been reading the Bible together as a part of our desire to be a people focused on Jesus. This was a part of a three year Bible Reading Plan and 2021 will be year 3. It has been really helpful and fun for those of us who followed this over the last 2 years. We encourage everyone, even if you missed out last year, to join with us this year and be encouraged as we encounter God through the Bible readings each week.

We've got a few options on how you can join us below. Developing a Bible reading habit can be challenging so let’s do it together. By doing so, not only will you read the Bible (either by yourself or in groups) but you have the opportunity to share with others the insights you are gaining from the readings and be encouraged to keep going.

We are following Tim Chester’s 3-year Bible Reading Plan which will take us through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice (see the back of this flyer). It’s in weekly chunks so there is no pressure if you happen to miss a day. It’s flexible and manageable.

There are a range of ways you could join us:

- Read the set readings on your own and prayerfully journal your thoughts.

- Read the readings, journal your thoughts and have a weekly catch up with two others (a reflection triplet) in person over a cuppa or over the phone or skype. Sign up by [emailing the Church Office](

- Join a WhatsApp group by texting Cat Patrick on 0425 752 140 and share your thoughts with a group of us.

- Get your Life Group involved and use the readings as the basis of your sharing each week.

- Join Simon 9am Saturdays from February 1 in the chapel for shared reading.

Previous years:

- [2019 Bible Reading Plan (Year 1)](

- [2020 Bible Reading Plan (Year 2)](