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Sonship as Community

10 June, 2018 David Buxton

These past two weeks we’ve been looking at what it means to be sons and daughters of God; what it means to participate in the relationship that the Son has with the Father.

Join us this week as we build on this and explore our identity as the body of Christ asking what it means to be sons and daughters of God together as a community of believers, and what is community anyway?


Lost in wonder, love and praise

3 June, 2018 Simon Dent

In 1747 an English clergy man called Charles Wesley published a hymn called ‘Love divine, all loves excelling’. It includes the phrase: “Let us see your great salvation… lost in wonder, love and praise”. The power behind such great hymns is the fact that the writers themselves were lost in wonder, love and praise. They had understood something about the beauty of God, their own brokenness and the great love that has pulled them out of the pit. No wonder they were lost in wonder, love and praise. There is a great sadness and longing in us when we are no longer “lost in wonder, love and praise”. Only a vision of Jesus as he is will draw praise out of us. Come, Lord Jesus. Grant us the hearts to praise you!