One of the privileges of belonging to a church community is the opportunity to share in what Paul calls this “grace of giving” (2 Corinthians 8:3-7). It’s a great way to feel connected with the practical work of the church and we believe that as we honour God in this key area of our lives, our own needs are met in sometimes quite miraculous ways.

Giving by EFT

Giving by EFT allows automatic payments to be set up from your bank account to the church’s bank account. Each payment can be either one time or recurring.

The church operates two bank accounts to ensure privacy for those who regularly give (the giving account is only seen by the Church Recorder).

When giving towards the church’s ministry, please use the following bank account:

  • BSB: 805 007
  • Account Number: 00 706 438
  • Account Name: Coromandel Valley Uniting Church in Australia
  • Banking Institution: Credit Union SA

When paying for a particular course or camp, please use the following bank account:

  • BSB: 704 095
  • Account Number: 214431
  • Account Name: Coromandel Valley Uniting
  • Banking Institution: UC Invest
  • Reference: ID-surname (where ID is a meaningful reference for the payment, eg. ‘WomCamp’ for Women’s Camp etc.)
Online Giving

If you’d like to use your credit or debit card to give towards the church’s ministry or to pay for a particular event (eg. mainly music sessions), we will shortly have a page for our website where you can do this. Please check back later.

You will be able to choose to give either a one time or recurring gift/payment and you will need to have the ability to receive a verification code via mobile phone.

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